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Automotive: Simplifying connectivity for the automotive marketplace

How cloud technologies can help bring greater innovation and satisfaction to owners, suppliers and dealers everywhere

Competition is fierce in the automotive industry. It always has been — but today's empowered consumer makes it more pronounced than ever.

Consumers are not only more technically savvy than ever before, they have a bigger, more influential and demanding voice. They thrive on the ability to instantly connect, on the device of their choice, to anyone, anywhere, anytime — and that includes their automakers, dealers and more.

The good news for automakers is that it's a two-way street of communication with consumers. With cloud technologies, manufacturers can actively monitor the marketplace and adapt accordingly, developing services and products that better meet, or even anticipate, consumer demand.

At the same time, automakers can use the cloud to seamlessly and securely connect with all the constituents in the increasingly complex automotive supply chain. This is particularly helpful in managing risk, especially among third-party providers who need to assume major responsibilities for certain business processes. It also enables greater efficiencies throughout the manufacturing, marketing and distribution process, which leads to higher performance and increased sales.

At the center of this intricate activity is Covisint's cloud engagement platform. Covisint's pedigree in cloud-based technologies for the automotive industry remains uncontested.

We lead the market globally with the largest B2B network in the industry, and we continue to develop and enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of the industry, and the ever changing demands of today's connected owner.

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