Our Company

Connections made secure.
Collaboration made easy.

Taking mission-critical business into the cloud.

No matter the industry, businesses today are facing a similar challenge: the needs and expectations of an increasingly connected world. How can your organization connect, engage and collaborate with external audiences – and do it seamlessly, securely, and reliably?

It's a challenge that the Covisint platform has been designed to solve.

Built on an initial 500-million-dollar investment, Covisint has evolved from a cloud-computing pioneer in 2000 to a leader in today's cloud computing market. Our platform allows organizations to connect with customers, business partners, and suppliers, integrating data from multiple sources and enabling secure communication on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

How do we measure our success? We're trusted by over 3,000 global customers across multiple industries, with more than 18 million users connecting to over 212,000 organizations, and processing over 4 billion transactions per year.

Covisint's cloud engagement platform is collaboration made easy. It's speed, agility and greater efficiency in your everyday interactions. It can turn your company's focus from time-consuming IT development initiatives to creating innovative new business models. It's the way forward for your organization.


Our Platform

  • Enables business agility and speed;
  • Reduces cost and time-to-implementation;
  • Is scalable and repeatable;
  • Meets stringent regulatory compliance requirements;
  • Provides the tools for securely and reliably enabling the flow of mission-critical information;
  • Is leveraged by the most-demanding global enterprises and industries;
  • Is very reliable and proven, with the highest-levels of availability or up-time, and virtually 100% customer retention.

Our platform was initially developed to connect the global automotive industry and has been continually modernized through investment and innovation to solve the complex external business relationships organizations and industries are facing today. Businesses in virtually every industry face similar challenges in connecting with external audiences – securely, reliably and with near seamless collaboration across the entire communication chain. The Covisint platform is designed to meet these challenges. Evidence of our success can be found in the fact that we have referenceable implementations in every industry in which we do business today.