About Covisint

Trusted Information. Anywhere.

Covisint is a B2B Cloud company that provides the platform of choice for enterprises who need to securely share, integrate and present trusted information to critical people and things across their extended network of business partners and customers.

We believe that seamless connections between people, partners, customers, “things” and trusted information are possible—and can transform your business. We see a world in which our most important industries—the ones that keep our people connected and the economy thriving—can continue to innovate and prosper through the power of connecting trusted information.

And, Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform makes this all possible for our customers.

The Covisint B2B Cloud Platform.

Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform provides a single entry point for enabling people and devices to exchange information and ideas without limitations or boundaries. The Covisint platform exists to serve the ecosystems of business partners and extended enterprises that need to share trusted information so they in turn can serve their customers.

Our B2B Cloud Platform enables information management and user management solutions that allow enterprises and industries to solve complex Business-to-Partner (B2P), Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Enterprise (B2E) challenges.

Through a single entry point, the Covisint platform enables trusted information to get where it needs to go, securely and seamlessly. It eliminates the procedural and technological silos that prevent extended enterprises from working together the way they should.

Ultimately, the Covisint platform enables the collaboration and business process innovation needed to move enterprises and industries forward.

  • Enterprise-grade, global platform
  • Comprehensive, integrated platform
  • Secure, scalable and reliable
  • Enables business agility and speed
  • Meets stringent regulatory compliance requirements

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