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Healthcare: Population Health. One patient at a time. At the point of care.

2,000 connections, across 35 million lives. Delivering over 34 million annual fax page conversions, and over 44 million online transactions.
One platform.

In the face of reform, providers, payers and patients are being held jointly accountable for the overall cost and quality of care. Accountable communities of care are quickly becoming the standard of care delivery. And as these communities develop and grow, the need for improved care coordination and information sharing is critical.

Covisint understands the accountable care challenge. We offer an easy to use, yet comprehensive solution that works alone or enhances your existing capabilities; including displaying actionable care information in native environments. Our solution and three-step deployment methodology help your accountable care initiative become as effective as possible, as fast as possible.

We've combined two decades of care collaboration experience, independent cross industry platform innovation, analytics and reporting, and extensive interoperability experience to create the completely new Covisint Healthcare platform.

While Covisint Healthcare is the most comprehensive in the industry, it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. Our solution is modular so it can be deployed as a complement to your existing IT investment; capitalizing on your existing investments to achieve shared savings success. Regardless of your level of technology adoption, even if it's just fax technology, we make actionable information available at the point of care.

The results speak for themselves. Our solution typically shows a 25 percent to 50 percent improvement in care metrics within the first three to six months alone, working across the care continuum with paper and electronic end-points.

With co-coordinated communication and the ability to perform advanced analytics across multiple systems, the opportunity to provide better patient care and lower costs has become a reality.

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