Healthcare: Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)

The Covisint PQRS application is now closed for the 2013 reporting year. However, information on 2014 PQRS reporting is Coming Soon.
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PQRS Reporting - Now Required in 2013.

Did you know that if you do not report PQRS successfully in 2013, you will automatically receive a 1.5% payment adjustment in your 2015 fee schedule? And, it increases to 2% in subsequent years. Trust Covisint PQRS for your 2013 PQRS reporting and feel confident that the penalties are not in your future! Feel overwhelmed? Covisint PQRS has been a certified registry vendor since 2008. We can help.

PQRS Made Easy

Participation in the Physician Quality Reporting System, formerly known as PQRI, does not have to be complicated with complex coding systems and expensive manual processes. Whether a single provider or large hospital group, Covisint PQRS simplifies the PQRS process. In addition to avoiding the penalty, eligible physicians can earn an additional 0.5% of total estimated Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) allowed charges for the reporting year.

PQRS Web Application for Self Reporting

Using Covisint PQRS, physicians simply select a measures group to report on. Covisint offers all 22 CMS-approved measures groups. Simply use our data collection forms to collect the clinical data for 20 unique patients (greater than half need to be Medicare Part B fee-for-service) then enter and submit the data using the Covisint PQRS application. No coding errors—just real clinical data resulting in real payments.

PQRS for Large Provider Groups, Hospitals, GPRO

According to the alternative reporting method and criteria for PQRS, each eligible provider can report at least 3 individual measures for 80% of their applicable Medicare Part B FFS patients. Large provider groups can use Covisint PQRS to meet these requirements by providing a combined data file that includes data available from:

  • Practice Management, Billing and/or Claims Systems
  • Lab Data
  • Prescriptions or Pharmacy Claims Data

The data is evaluated to determine which CMS measures are available, analyzed to determine the distribution of measures per provider (or per group for GPRO) and electronically submitted to CMS. Covisint PQRS offers a simple, effective and affordable way for every provider to meet the 2013 PQRS reporting requirements. Need further information? Contact Covisint by phone 866.823.3958 or email info.covisint@covisint.com.

PQRS - Registration

PQRS - Login

Measures Group data collection forms:

ePrescribing Program:

Individual Measure Reporting:

Don't see a measures group that fits? Eligible professionals can report on at least 3 individual measures for 80% of Medicare Part B FFS patients to which the measure applies. By using Covisint PQRS, providers can self-report to meet these requirements. No dropped G-codes or worries that you haven't done enough. Click below for more information.


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