Connecting and transforming the world's leading industries.Enabled by the world's most resilient B2B Cloud Platform.

Global industry transformation and disruption welcome.

We see a world in which our most important industries—the ones that keep our people connected and the economy thriving—can continue to innovate and prosper through the power of connecting trusted information. Enterprises and industries need to break down the information and data barriers that exist between business partners who have to work together to thrive and add value in a new connected world.

Today's global economy demands agility. It requires flexibility and the ability to adapt – instantaneously – to changes in how customers buy. It also requires real-time connectivity as enterprises around the globe recognize the need to respond more quickly to market demands. To reliably satisfy these requirements you need Covisint's B2B Cloud Platform. Our platform ensures that whoever your business partners with, sells to or employs – your trusted information goes to the right people, to the right place and at the right time.

Covisint helps the world's most important enterprises and industries move from reacting to disruption to driving some disruption of their own.

  • Automotive

    Our platform connects and provides transformational solutions for manufacturers, owners, suppliers and dealers everywhere.

  • Healthcare

    Our platform enables you to retain market share, remain viable and be an industry leader in connectivity and innovation.

  • Oil & Gas

    Our platform enables efficient communication between you, your suppliers, and joint venture partners to reduce time-to-first oil.

  • Manufacturing

    Our platform improves integration in your operations – from supply chain visibility to distribution and retail connectivity.

  • Life Sciences

    Our platform establishes and builds a foundation for operational excellence in how you connect and run your business.

  • Food & Beverage

    Our platform connects key functions – inside and outside your enterprise – to improve integration and enable data-rich decisions.


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