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Driving automotive transformation.

Keeping up with the speed-of-change is something every automotive manufacturer, supplier, dealer or partner struggles with today. Let’s face it. The automotive industry is moving fast and transforming more each day – while vehicles have become the largest, most sophisticated elements in the “Internet of Things.” Automotive organizations are fighting to keep pace with other industries with half the complexity that they encounter daily. To master speed and create a competitive advantage in this intense environment, organizations are increasingly turning to the pre-eminent B2B cloud platform: Covisint.

Covisint is helping to transform the automotive industry by connecting people, processes and systems across the globe to facilitate the highest level of engagement through a single point of entry. Whether its connecting consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, or dealers, our platform provides the speed, scalability, security and reliability needed, Covisint provides the largest, most sophisticated cloud-based industry hub in the world.

Connecting with your owners and their vehicles.

Today, customers want to communicate with automotive manufacturers the same way they communicate with their social contacts. It’s not enough to receive occasional direct mail pieces or occasional calls from their manufacturer. Those days are gone. Covisint makes it easy for OEMs to create personalized experiences that build customer loyalty throughout the ownership experience. The same applies to communication with the customer’s dealer, finance company and more.

Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform enables and empowers vehicle owners to visualize information from a variety of sources including their vehicle, dealership, third party service providers, etc. – and generate commands to provoke vehicle response (such as unlocking doors, downloading apps) through a single entry point for the vehicle owner.

In addition, the Covisint platform allows automotive OEMs to view integrated information from multiple systems quickly and in one location. With this information, OEMs can provide a more positive ownership experience, sending targeted messages to owners based on individual attributes that ultimately result in greater satisfaction and loyalty.


Supplier connectivity is key to manufacturing efficiency.

Covisint allows manufacturers and suppliers to communicate seamlessly with their base of suppliers. The Covisint platform is easily scalable to handle small or massive volumes of transactions generated by many different systems, including global EDI. We enable automotive organizations to provide a single entry point for all their global suppliers to connect to them and access the trusted information required.

Engaging with dealers securely, in real-time.

The Covisint platform enables sharing of mission-critical business-to-business information reliably, securely and in real-time. It provides communication across the entire dealer network, including external audiences such as financial arms, insurance companies and more. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing dealer management and OEM back-end disparate systems (hardware, software, protocols and standards) and scales to handle massive volumes of transactions. The platform helps to increase OEM and Dealer touch points with the customer, improving satisfaction and sustaining brand loyalty.

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