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Enabling the modern healthcare enterprise.

Never has there been a more disruptive time in healthcare. Health systems are becoming mini insurance companies. Pharmacies and retail stores are offering primary care services. Competing payer organizations are joining forces to form health information exchanges (HIE). And, physicians and patients are meeting via video conferencing. Information and people are everywhere – and it all needs to be securely connected.

Speed and security is healthcare’s new currency and the need to quickly connect existing systems, bring on new ones and deliver meaningful interaction and secure collaboration between people and information, located both inside and outside your “four walls,” is critical. Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform provides a single point of entry that ensures trusted information goes to the right people, place and time.

Information exchange for the health of your business.

Reimbursement reform combined with social networks, mobility and big data is forcing your organization to fundamentally transform the way you do business. Achieving quick ROI while maintaining business continuity with your new partner, contracting, clinical, supply chain plus merger and acquisition strategies requires a trusted technology partner and a flexible, secure and scalable platform.

Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform provides the missing link in the complex puzzle of your care and business coordination – securely connecting people, systems and “things” across your enterprise – from patients, members, providers and payers to employees, supply chain and business partners. By empowering innovative business models, faster time to market and higher levels of security, Covisint makes doing business with your organization easier and more secure.


Information exchange for the health of your patients and members.

Healthcare delivery is rapidly becoming a team sport where faster, stronger, barrier-free connections are required between non-traditional and often competing partners. Plus, new technologies are connecting individuals outside the traditional care settings – from smart phones to wearable glucose monitors. This new reality brings a whole new meaning to health information exchange (HIE).

Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform helps you successfully meet the needs of today’s traditional public or private health information exchange initiative and position for the rapidly evolving healthcare models of the future. Improve care transitions, streamline operational efficiency and remain competitive by securing, integrating and presenting information and applications to the people across your extended enterprise who need it – regardless of location, protocol, platform or device.

PQRS made easy.

Participation in the Physician Quality Reporting System, formerly known as PQRI, does not have to be complicated with complex coding systems and expensive manual processes. Whether a single provider or large hospital group, Covisint simplifies the PQRS process.

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