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One single source of access for the extended workforce.

Over 75 percent of all jobs within the oil and gas industry comprise of non-direct resources, creating many challenges for organizations in communicating and collaborating with an ever-expanding network of constituents. To be successful, this extended network of contractors, business partners and joint ventures must rely on real-time exchange of information and collaboration, without risking security. The Covisint B2B Cloud Platform enables members of the extended oil and gas enterprise to securely access and share information – allowing them to conduct business in the field, on the road, or in the office using the device of their choosing.

Integrate with energy partners as if you were all under one roof.

The oil and gas industry is built on joint ventures. The primary benefit? Accelerating time-to-first oil. As a result, enabling immediate communication between everyone in an oil and gas joint venture is crucial. With a single point of entry to all information, applications and systems, every authorized person in the extended network has access. The Covisint B2B Cloud Platform enables the extended workforce to function productively as a single unit, reducing administrative burden and ensuring compliance with industry regulations while providing secure access and visibility to those who need it. It also helps to reduce the cost and complexity of running multifaceted operations that span disciplines, cultures, geographies and time zones.


You and your suppliers….connected to maximize value.

With multiple links in the energy supply chain, it is critical to maintain a seamless process, from exploration to production to delivery. The question is, how can this existing infrastructure be used effectively in the face of the ever-changing business landscape of the energy industry? Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform connects disparate solutions and allows them to work with each other through seamless integration. In addition, it is easily scalable to handle massive volumes of transactions generated by many different systems. Our platform provides real-time connectivity and communication to organizations of any size or location, and the people who need to connect to it.

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