The Platform for accelerating the Internet of Things

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The Covisint difference is an identity-centric approach to the Internet of Things.

Identity relationship management is key, and authenticating an ecosystem of things requires understanding in the web of relationships between them.

The Covisint Platform ensures trusted information is delivered, securely and seamlessly.

Designed for the Internet of Things, our Platform enables the identification, authorization and connection of complex networks.

Developer tools to hook into your existing applications.

Our developer API makes it easy to integrate our platform into your existing application.

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The Covisint Cloud Platform: Connecting the Business World

The Covisint Platform connects people, systems, processes and things enabling our customers and partners to transform capabilities that enable new business model innovation. The platform is comprised of a set of integrated and modular cloud-based technologies purpose-built for the Internet of Things and identity-centric solutions.

Covisint IoT Platform

One Platform. Integrated, Secure and Scalable.

Our Cloud Platform is built to accelerate the pace of innovation, while empowering our customers and partners to build solutions, applications and services faster and more cost effectively without compromising performance.

Our Cloud Platform gives you:
  • A comprehensive suite of API’s covering the core technologies that allow you to build and customize IoT and identity-centric solutions or applications according to your needs.
  • Everything needed to build and deploy your first application or solution in minutes.
  • Faster delivery of new functionality and iteration on the Platform.
  • Reduced complexity making your enterprise more agile and efficient.
  • Secure, customized, single entry point to all of your solution needs.
  • Reduced technical maintenance.

The Covisint Platform removes the headaches of managing security, and modeling the complex relationships between people, systems, process and things – which enables developers to move from concept to workable product as quickly as possible. The bottom line: you’ll spend less time building infrastructure and designing complex business logic, and more time delivering tangible business value.

Features of Our Platform

Identity: Manage Identities for Anyone or Anything

The Covisint Platform enables enterprises to create frameworks for managing the complex relationships between identities and critical business resources – allowing enterprises to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of their internal and external users, as well as their access to resources across the enterprise.

Single sign-on (SSO) and broker capabilities are essential for the enterprise to rapidly enable and control access to key resources. The identity framework creates a seamless user experience while eliminating technology constraints and providing centralized policy enforcement, audit, and reporting.

Integration: Secure the Exchange of Information

The Platform enables enterprises to perform rapid, secure and flexible integration of data – eliminating the cost and complexity of changing document types, data formats and protocols.

It also offsets the complexity of creating and syndicating integrations for machine-to-machine, application-to–application, creating composite applications or managing provisioning, authentication and authorization for your system integration needs.

Analytics: Enable Intelligent Decisions

An API-first approach to analytics enables the development of solutions to monitor the health of connected products, applications and systems.

Working with analytics helps manufacturers of smart connected products know what those products are doing – so they can continuously improve them.

Orchestration: Manage the Flow of Information, Events and Notifications

Leverage our Platform capabilities to create customized business logic based on events, process sequences, or analytic thresholds – to deliver notifications or take other actions.

The Platform automates the movement and processing of data using data-driven workflows and built-in dependency checking.

Presentation: Create Compelling User Experiences Across Platforms

The Covisint enterprise cloud platform provides a presentation layer for exposing customer data, processes, workflows or composite applications with one point of access for customer access on any device.

This enables the rapid prototyping for modeling customer requirements, accelerated iteration on solutions and a full content management system.

Internet of Things: Intelligence and Integration at the Edge

Register and manage physical things and create solutions that connect your people and systems with the integrated world.

The Covisint enterprise cloud platform provides everything you need to monitor the health of products and equipment, create secure interactions and integrations, and manage the identity lifecycle of connected things.