Purpose-built Cloud Platform for Identity & the Internet of Things (IoT)

Build connected applications faster. Share trusted information between people, systems, and things. Anywhere.

Enterprise-grade Identity Management Enterprise-grade Identity Management
Enterprise-grade Identity Management IoT ecosystem orchestration
Enterprise Grade Identity Management Highly-scalable, modern PaaS
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The Covisint Cloud Platform is the only Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that combines foundational technologies for rapid development, operation, and securing of Identity and IoT applications. Connect and collect data from millions of devices, then securely distribute trusted information to stakeholders across your business. Spend less time building infrastructure and focus on applications that engage your customers, optimize your value chain, and transform your business.

  • Securely share and manage access of trusted information with Identity Services
  • Manage IoT ecosystems and connected products with advanced IoT Services
  • Build and run applications on a modern, infrastructure-independent PaaS
Covisint Cloud Platform

Enterprise-grade identity management, federation, authorization management, and automated provisioning

Enable and secure access to your critical resources with Identity Services
While most solutions simply provide single sign-on (SSO) for users to access cloud applications inside-out, the Covisint Cloud Platform helps manage, automate and govern complex outside-in identities. Advanced identity features such as delegated administration, authorization management, and automated provisioning have been designed and hardened over years of experience with some of the largest global companies to secure information flow amongst complex, multi-level networks of products and people that reside external to organizations – outside-in.

Sophisticated unified data model to manage the identities of people and things

Manage all identities holistically and dynamically
Like organizations, people and applications, devices and things have multitudes of attributes. These entities and their relationships need to be managed. The advanced unified data model – implemented by the Covisint Cloud Platform – standardizes how these device identities are represented. This ensures that their behavior and security model is able to be isolated, managed, orchestrated as an actor in broader polymorphic ecosystems. Common entity definitions allow for consistent identity relationship behavior, versioning and extensibility.

Lifecycle management of “things” for security and performance replay, auditing, and orchestration

Gain complete visibility into the component device behavior and access over time
Managing complex connected product ecosystems goes beyond managing identities. The Covisint Cloud Platform offers services to orchestrate the interactions and permissions among people, things and applications. It also provides the ability to isolate and track specific entities, their access and their performance with auditable replays.

Intelligent IoT device messaging

Stream the right data to the right entity
Designed to go significantly beyond connect and collect sensor streams, the Covisint Cloud Platform integrates a high-throughput IoT messaging hub with Covisint’s core identity capabilities so that IoT data streams can be safely shared and distributed within extended global product value chains. Developers can dynamically add and remove access and permissions – and programmatically route device streams based on relationships, time and legal boundaries. The IoT messaging hub provides horizontal scalability for millions of messages and extensive support for common protocols (e.g., MQTT).

Enabling innovation

12+ years of building and running highly scalable applications and solutions-as-a-service for global companies with millions of connected people, apps, and products
The Covisint Cloud Platform was designed with the pioneering goal of orchestrating and securing identity for trusted information sharing of the largest global manufacturers. Today, the largest companies across industries run complex external, production-critical business processes on the Covisint Cloud Platform. Companies like Carson Wagonlit Travel, GM (OnStar), Ford, Coca-Cola, Shell, Hyundai, and Cisco rely on the Covisint Cloud Platform to deliver information and manage access to their extended, multi-layered ecosystems that serve a variety of customers, suppliers, dealers, partners, agents and franchisees – and support billions of dollars in business value yearly.

Highly Scalable, Modern PaaS

Integrated, modern PaaS to ensure reliability, massive scalability, operational agility, and development speed for IoT
Covisint is built on a leading open source PaaS, Cloud Foundry. It exposes a set of microservices through RESTful APIs and enables developers to build, publish and deploy modern, built-for-cloud applications that can dynamically scale and be upgraded with no down time. The Covisint Cloud Platform is infrastructure-independent and is operated globally on various operating environments such as Covisint’s data centers or IaaS providers like AWS.

Cloud Platform for Identity and IoT

Covisint IoT Platform