B2B Cloud Platform: Identity Management

Manage your internal and external identities in the cloud.

Our B2B Cloud Platform makes it seamless to connect your users to your enterprise.

Centralize, automate and secure digital identities for those you do business with.

In today’s extended network of business partners and customers – and even your own dispersed workforce – information is serviced to and from almost anywhere. That’s especially true of an extended workforce and business network that demands the ability to securely access applications and corporate data from wherever they choose and from any device.

For most organizations, enabling secure anytime, anywhere access across any device is not a core competency. And, for those who have tried to establish security protocols and procedures in-house, it is a time-consuming, expensive proposition that takes your IT personnel away from focusing on core business initiatives.

Covisint’s B2B Cloud Platform insulates you from the cost and complexity of the do-it-yourself approach to security. We centralize and automate the process of securing and managing digital identities inside and outside your organization. This enables you to manage and control access to internal and cloud applications and information for your network of business partners and customers, as well as your own enterprise.

  • Authentication Services
  • Identity Governance Services
  • Identity Brokering Services

  • Provisioning.

    Powerful identity lifecycle and access management capabilities for partners, suppliers, contractors and employees that isn’t just synching data from your HR system.

  • Mobile Identity.

    Manage any mobile device access to your data whether personal, corporate, tablet or smartphones.

  • Identity Analytics.

    Enterprises can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements via the built in attestation and audit capability – extends visibility into portfolio of managed applications and systems by providing utilization for both provisioning and usage information.

  • AppCloud.

    Integrate your back-office or third party business applications as a secure, integrated and personalized web experience.

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