B2B Cloud Platform: Presentation Services

Intergrate and present compelling information to your users.

A single entry point to access personalized content through out B2B Cloud Platform.

Presentation of trusted information is key to success. And, your users demand it on any device.

Rapid and secure sharing of trusted information to the right person, place and time is a requirement for survival – not an option. Today’s enterprises must engage effectively with the people, systems and “things” that they do business with and provide a best-in-class user experience.

At the core, the portal framework aspect of our B2B Cloud Platform simplifies the experience for your users providing simple to use features including content management, social tools, workflow and publishing tools, all serving up information to a mobile or web interface.

Through this dynamic user experience, your enterprise can collaborate with every global constituent, regardless of geographic location, connectivity preferences or technical requirements. Our B2B Cloud Platform makes it easy for your enterprise to engage with every user and makes it easy for every user to engage with you. The portal framework enables quick adoption through ease of use tooling – presenting all the trusted information required for user to access.

  • Collaboration and personalization
  • Content and document management
  • Mobile ready experience
  • Search

  • Mobility and Presentation.

    Deliver engaging content to your users no matter what device they are using – based on responsive web experiences or build your own native applications.

  • Application and Integrations.

    Improve business processes by visualizing new or existing applications in a secure, integrated and personalized experience.

  • Collaboration and Content Management.

    Enable collaboration with your extended network of business partners and customers by building engaging workflows for your documents and content that is based on how you do business.

  • Personalization and Communication.

    Create personalized experiences with dynamic content that is context driven based on profiles, attributes, tags, alerts and notifications.

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