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Portal Services: One engaging experience. Many possibilities.

Covisint provides a secure, integrated and personalized experience, making every end-user experience truly dynamic

Making it easy for every end-user to engage with you: that's what Covisint does best. Covisint offers cloud-based, on-demand connectivity and communication to organizations like yours specifically for this reason. Our highly flexible solutions reduce the cost, complexity and risk of information and application sharing — all through an industry-proven, on-demand portal environment.

Collaborate With Every Important Audience

Through this dynamic user experience, your organization can collaborate with every global constituent, regardless of geographic location, connectivity preferences or technical requirements. And you can reduce the cost and complexity of managing in-house and external IT operations and applications, while being able to securely share information with end-users outside a firewall.

Simplify and Unify the User Experience

End-users can immediately engage with you with just one password - accessing multiple domains, wherever they reside. It represents a radical reduction of complexity and cost of registration, provisioning and password administration - all through a set of simple, self-service tools. Covisint provides trusted third-party power to ensure policy enforcement, compliance and the ability to audit.

Extend Your Brand

Through the portal, the end-user can readily collaborate and share knowledge with other users through a dynamic socially based environment that is graphically consistent with the organization's brand.

Develop Tailored Applications

And what's more, you can extend your business and your applications onto the platform. Covisint offers multiple options to rapidly develop applications on the platform or integrate existing applications using the Module Communication Framework. Extend your business' reach with Covisint's application storefront and marketplace capabilities.

Secured by industry-leading identity and management capabilities, our dynamic user experience platform provides the interoperability and governance framework that empowers end-users to share knowledge and collaborate with each other across the enterprise. And it enables your organization to be completely secure and flexible, even as your workforce, IT environment, partner relationships and business strategies evolve.


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