Create a unique and secure experience around the vehicle ecosystem.

Enable owners, dealers, insurance and OEMs to share relevant information.

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Enhancing the connected driving experience.

The Covisint Platform enables drivers to be connected to their vehicle, the manufacturer, dealership, third-party service providers, social contacts – at any place and any time.

It allows drivers to visualize information from a variety of sources, and to generate commands to provoke vehicle response through the head unit, mobile devices, wearables and more.

The Platform provides vehicle owners with greater visibility, allowing them to see vital information about their vehicle(s) in one location for all aspects of ownership (finance, dealer, features, social channels, etc.) on any device. The settings and driving experience established in one vehicle are transferable from vehicle-to-vehicle – old to new and to rental cars.

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Securely connecting vehicles in the cloud.

The Covisint Platform enables automotive OEMs to quickly onboard partners, third-party application providers and systems that interact with the connected vehicle. It also provides visibility into usage rates for connected vehicle features and applications that are available both at a vehicle level or netted higher to a model or platform level.

The Platform enables this through the use of dashboards, and allows OEMs to centralize critical data about the connected vehicles for CRM, customer experience and quality monitoring purposes.

The Platform allows OEMs to promote a more positive ownership experience and ensures security of the data stream being transmitted to and from the vehicle – and helps build a loyal customer base.

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When Hyundai wanted to connect their owners to their vehicles – who did they turn to?

Hyundai leveraged the secure and scalable Covisint Platform to deliver a solution that integrated the vast amount of data that can be connected to and about their vehicles.

The robust solution created an experience that delighted their owners, made their call center more efficient, and provided their dealers with more insight about their customers.

Hyundai Motor Company

Supporting usage-based insurance connectivity.

Changes are occurring in the automotive insurance industry. Competition is intense, and risk is at an all-time high. Many insurance companies are adopting usage-based insurance programs to respond to consumer demand for lower rates and to decrease defection to competitive insurance brands.

Drivers that opt-in to usage-based insurance programs can receive tremendous financial benefits from insurance providers. However, transmitting this confidential information requires the highest level of security.

The Covisint Platform enables connectivity to remote OBDII devices and vehicles – while integrating the data with enterprise systems to allow vehicle diagnostics and driving behavior analysis. Additionally, partners or third-party providers that support other types of insurance policies provided (life, disability, health, etc.) can be integrated into the same system to provide other points of data for every customer.

The result is the ability to provide contextual relevancy to customers, leading to higher loyalty rates and lower cost of insurance.

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Leveraging dealer networks to create loyalty.

Driving owner loyalty is top of mind at the OEM and dealer levels – and improving owner engagement is crucial in achieving this goal. The Covisint Platform integrates with various Dealer Management Systems to collect service visits and vehicle performance data.

The information generated enables you to have a continuous dialogue with drivers concerning vehicle health, driving behavior and more – allowing you to provide personalized ongoing suggestions for dealer maintenance, repairs, and to offer discounts.

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