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The extended enterprise workforce: energizing joint venture collaboration

Expanding the energy industry virtually means
greater productivity… at a lower cost

Upstream to downstream, there are millions of jobs globally in the energy industry. However, not everyone is a direct employee of an oil and gas company. In fact, 78 percent of the U.S. oil and gas industry workforce are non-direct resources.

But regardless of source of employment, there is a common goal in this highly competitive industry: minimizing the time to first oil. Which is why co-operative joint ventures continue to grow.

These joint ventures need form quickly, and to maximize competitive advantage, they demand immediate and secure exchange of vital information – even among members from competing organizations. Covisint's cloud platform facilitates this extended enterprise model.

Leveraging our Cloud Engagement Platform, we create an identity hub, enabling joint venture constituents to have controlled access to required resources. This gives everyone the ability to access and exchange information readily and securely, on a global scale if needed.

The result: traditional boundaries disappear, creating an extended synergistic workforce of suppliers, direct staff, contractors and other partners that functions as a single unit, despite time, distance or technology infrastructure.

Covisint makes access and visibility, increased productivity, compliance with industry regulations and the ability to harness and secure intellectual capital easier through a single interconnected cloud-based offering. And with a common user experience across initiatives, everyone in the value chain has the ability to communicate more easily and collaborate more productively.



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