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Healthcare: One platform to securely integrate health information wherever it exists, maximize performance incentives and deliver care more effectively

Real-time access to patient information makes all the difference in the quality of care

Accountable care. New regulations demand it. Patients expect it. Healthcare practitioners now need to provide it. Which is why many providers, payers and patients use Covisint Healthcare to manage care more effectively.

Health reforms mandate faster, stronger, barrier-free connections between providers, payers and patients. Enabling the right data, at the right time, to the right person in the right format means better patient outcomes. The ability to communicate with the entire community of care givers – those using sophisticated technology and those using paper is an essential element of demonstrating true accountability for a patient's care.

Enabling every healthcare practitioner in the community access to the right patient information at critical times of care means better patient outcomes. And whether it's the doctor's office, the hospital, the skilled nursing facility, or payer organization, Covisint can help ensure critical information is always accessible when it is needed.


Healthcare trusts the cloud!

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Highlights include:

  • Cloud has reached tipping point of trust
  • EMR population health management / reporting
  • Manual communication processes remain high
  • Accountable Care adoption / implementation trends



Proven experience in cloud solutions for healthcare


As pioneers of cloud technologies that have become industry standards, Covisint is unmatched in providing mission-critical solutions tailored for the unique needs of outcomes-based medicine.

With Covisint, there are no more information silos. On-demand, actionable information can be shared securely across healthcare communities, giving everyone involved in the patient's care a single view of all patient data, wherever it resides.

At the same time, ours is the only platform providing care coordination solutions in every healthcare setting. Our modular architecture provides a HIT roadmap regardless of current HIT level of adoption.

Ready for Accountable Care Organizations now… and in the future


Competition, compliance and patient-centric care are all putting tremendous pressure on healthcare providers. Flexible, adaptive and future-proof, the Covisint platform can help. No other cloud provider has a more comprehensive offering, seamlessly covering every aspect of an individual patient's care, whatever the location, whatever the need.

Our platform offers the industry's only solution that addresses the four essential components for building accountable communities of care: Health Information Exchange, Performance Management, Workflow Management and Patient Engagement.

With Covisint, an organization participating in an accountable care initiative can share information across all its constituencies, leading to a more collaborative healthcare model, faster, more accurate diagnoses, smoother care transitions and ultimately—with less money being spent on duplicate procedures and unnecessary readmissions— lower overall costs for care.

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    Gartner Catalyst ConferenceSan Diego, CA — August 11 - 14, 2014
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    Gartner IAM

    Las Vegas, NV — November 17 - 19, 2014