To enable connected products and processes, businesses need to securely connect people, systems and things.


Data is the new oil

data (how to collect, ingest and integrate data) and a critical factor is security (how to secure access to the data producers and consumers and how to secure the sharing of this data). Data is the fuel for business insights guiding higher product adoption and better economics as well as the vector of new business models, such as pay per use and micro usage fees.

Another dimension of IoT is that devices or sensors (things) are only one type of entities involved in connected solutions. Connected solutions typically include users and operators (people) as well as other systems of engagement or systems of record (systems).

Dynamic security context

IoT environments are heterogeneous and high velocity in nature. They also dramatically increase the surface attack that product managers and process operators need to protect. The Covisint Cloud Platform is unique in its ability to manage not only the identities of people, systems and things but also the dynamic permissions that govern how they can securely exchange data with each other. Long gone are the days of static policies and traditional identity management. Digital transformation and IoT call for a new type of identity and authorization management — dynamic, transient and contextual.

Scalability and rapid development with platform

As more industries invest in IoT and launch innovative connected products, project-based approaches fail to bring the fast innovation, scale and repeatability that businesses need to succeed. Enter platforms.

At Covisint, we have built a platform that manages the identities of people, systems and things. We call it a platform for “digital ecosystem management”. It helps enterprises create, secure and manage digital ecosystems. These digital ecosystems are the business context within which people like us, connected objects but also systems of record and systems of engagement come to interact with each other to create new digital customer experiences, transform business models and improve operations.

Through its PaaS approach and wide embrace of industry standards (e.g. MQTT, AMQP), Covisint enables higher productivity for app developers and allows business operators to manage connected products and connected processes — at scale and with trust.