On October 14, 2016 CMS released the final rule for MACRA’s Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Models (Advanced APMs). Collectively, these programs are part of what CMS now calls the Quality Payment Program or QPP. The first reporting year under MIPS is 2017 with penalties being applied in 2019. MIPS merges PQRS, the Value Modifier, and Meaningful use into a single reporting program. While the program has been streamlined, reporting is still required. For some it won’t change much and for others they may find it a bit more challenging.

Will Covisint be participating?

The answer is yes. Covisint will continue as a registry vendor under the new MACRA/QPP/MIPS program in much the same way as we have under PQRS. We will still offer Individual Measure attestation through our web application. Also, we will offer “virtual” measures group reporting with data collection forms for patient entry and we will continue to offer PQRS Enterprise data analysis for larger groups or GPRO reporting. We will post forms as available in the coming weeks and expect to open our web application in early April for data entry.

What should I be doing?

CMS has finalized 2017 as a transition year. This means avoiding penalties is easy and Covisint will ensure* you do. But earning incentives is also possible. Report some data to “test the waters” and avoid penalty. Report for 90 days to be eligible for a positive payment adjustment. A full year or even “all in” for just 90 days could make you eligible for an exceptional performer adjustment. Whatever your circumstances Covisint will be here to guide you toward success. If you are reporting for a full year you should already be selecting your measures and documenting the clinical action. Reporting for 90 days allows you to start as late as October 2. Select measures and begin putting your processes in place now to improve performance. Stay alert to Covisint for new information.

*When report as per instructions using correct TIN/NPI combination.

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