With the data collection period underway for the Physicians Quality Reporting System (PQRS), clinicians and providers must document and report patient healthcare information to avoid fiscal penalties. Preparation is key to ensuring this process goes smoothly – and with Covisint’s 2014 Registry now open, there is no time like the present.

When it comes to PQRS, Covisint is committed to helping our provider customers not only participate, but also receive the reimbursements to which they’re entitled. And in contrast to the complex and time-consuming PQRS processes of past, we want to make reporting easy and painless. We have a simple Web-based application for PQRS reporting that requires no complicated coding, and dramatically reduces time, hassle and the possibility of error. As a result, physicians and networks can easily earn their final .05 percent incentive payment for 2014, and also avoid the 2016 payment adjustment penalty of -2.0 percent.

If you’d like to simplify PQRS operations and avoid the -2.0 percent CMS Penalty, join us on July 30 for a webinar, where we’ll discuss:

  • Why Physician Quality Reporting was started
  • What the expectations and Federal legislations are for 2014
  • How to collect data for submission into a registry

Covisint has been the nation’s leader in PQRS for five years and we’ve helped secure more than $10 million in CMS reimbursements to-date. The bottom line is: PQRS reporting doesn’t need to be something that gives providers headaches.

So, to borrow the classic Ghostbuster’s line: “Who you gonna call?”… Covisint!

Learn more about Covisint’s PQRS submission process at /healthcare-pqrs or by calling Covisint’s Melissa Blom at 866.823.3958.