Two weeks ago, we announced that our IoT platform was the most complete in the market (see the full release here).

Experience Matters

Over the past couple of years, we have assembled a suite of foundational services for device event management, real-time stream processing and analytics, message transformation and, above all, device authentication and authorization.

We’ve taken the lessons from two of the largest IoT Connected Product deployments – GM’s OnStar (11+M users) and Hyundai’s BlueLink (1M+ users) – and incorporated them into our IoT Platform using a modern microservices architecture, and highly scalable open source software to deliver our IoT Platform.

The Covisint Difference

Business Value-Focused

Most IoT Platforms take a proprietary and/or closed approach to IoT, and largely focus on connecting to a “thing” and enabling it to phone home.  But there is much more that is involved to realize the full value of IoT –  and that’s where there Covisint IoT Platform stands out, helping to enable digital transformation.

The real value from IoT comes from enabling secure information sharing and trusted interactions between the ecosystem of people, systems and things. We’ve focused on this as a company since 2000 –the company was built on the idea of sharing secure information between people and systems, the company was built to focus on this for people and systems, and with our IoT Platform, we’ve extended this to things/IoT.

Use-case agnostic

Thanks to our message translation technology, we can support both connected process and connected product use cases today, through our unique combination of identity technologies for people, systems and things, as well as our messaging technologies. This helps our enterprise customers and technology partners:

  • Deliver more personalized services and, ultimately, higher customer retention
  • Gather real-time insights on customer behavior and preferences
  • Transform physical products into recurring services

Identity-Centric and Enterprise-Grade

IoT solutions creates new attack surfaces and new risks. The Covisint IoT Platform enables rapid innovation while providing tools for advanced authentication, authorization and governance of people, systems and things to ensure security and compliance:

  • Manage the identities of people, systems and things holistically with a single platform
  • Scale to millions and billions of transactions on a proven backbone

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