Customer demand fuels innovation.

90% of vehicles will have connectivity by 2020

It is no secret that the automotive industry is going through significant change driven by the evolution of technology. Consumer preference around transportation is shifting from traditional car ownership toward diverse mobility services. The connected vehicle has enable transportation to become a platform for drivers and passengers to use their transit time for personal activities. Diverse mobility and customer demand for integrated vehicle experiences has opened new opportunity for OEMs to monetize the connected vehicle and improve the overall vehicle experience.

41% of consumers will change car brand for connectivity

While connectivity provides a means to improve product offerings, meeting consumer demands will be critical to brand loyalty and retention. Consumers expect a vehicle connected experience that meets their personal lifestyle preference. And, vehicles that fall short of these expectations will quickly fall off of the consumer’s consideration list. For an OEM to be successful in meeting consumer demands of the connected vehicle, they must be able to address some major challenges:

  • Integrate disparate back end systems from multiple stakeholders
  • Assure global security and privacy of users and data
  • Deliver real-time personalization and user continuity
  • Enable rapid and cost effective innovation of third party developers

Covisint provides a connected vehicle data platform that is a turnkey, strategic enabler for OEMs to safely and securely enable and monetize connected vehicles. Our Platform helps enable innovation and rapid prototyping for future solutions to address the ever-changing customer needs. The Platform connects existing and future systems, along with multiple stakeholders, providing an integrated, seamless customer experience.

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