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The beginning.

In the 90’s – the enterprise was changing.

The main drivers behind this change were an increasing pervasive nature of technology, open standards, globalization, and the increasing fusion of business models and IT capability.

Increased collaboration brought greater business rewards, but also posed greater business risks, and required fundamentally new business decision and security models.

And, de-constructing.

Enterprises were de-constructing and reorganizing into extended value-nets of partners, suppliers, customers, and competitors to increase productivity and flexibility—shedding non-core processes to focus on strategic, core processes.

With re-aggregation.

As businesses evolved along the line of de-construction of their business, the demand to flexibly assemble and reconfigure business systems as business needs evolved – they re-aggregated.

The stage is set.

As some components or services were moved out of the business the possibility to re-aggregate them to support dynamic and changing business models increased.

The market was increasingly adapting to a strategy along which to do this. The concept of this kind of re-aggregation or integration was well reflected in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy. SOA is an approach to defining integration architectures based on the concept of a service.

In the beginning there were three.

Plus, some extra wise men.

An idea was born.

Covisint (KO-vis-int)

United States Patent: 7,987,116

3. An industry-wide business-to-business exchange system comprising: a first subsystem configured to provide user access to the exchange system; and a second subsystem configured to perform the steps of: providing an interface configured to couple a system of each of a plurality of customers to the exchange system; allowing management of authorized users to access data residing in the system of a respective customer by an entity other than the respective customer; authenticating an individual user; and responsive to a result of the authenticating step indicating that the individual user is an authorized user, authorizing the individual user to access data residing in the exchange system and data residing in the system of one of a plurality of customers of the exchange system, wherein the system of each of the plurality of customers of the exchange system is coupled to the exchange system via a data communication network.

4. The system of claim 3, wherein the exchange system allows the individual user to access data residing in the exchange system and data residing in one of the plurality of customers of the exchange system with a single identity authentication step.

Covisint will offer a comprehensive foundation for B2B transformation.

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Where are we now?

Well, enterprises continue to de-construct and re-aggregate – and we can help them all. But, there has been an explosion in devices, machines and things that need be included in the mix now.

The world is becoming more connected every day. Billions and billions of people and things are connecting, sharing and innovating. The transformations and advancements being driven from these connections are breath taking; eclipsed only by the rate at which they are taking place.

Covisint sits squarely in the middle of this new highly connected world.

Covisint is the cloud platform of choice for enabling Internet of Things and identity-centric solutions – securely and at scale. We allow developers, partners and customers to innovate and drive digital transformation faster with less cost, complexity and risk. We provide secure and seamless connections between people, processes, systems, and things for global enterprises.

Our next generation IoT vision and platform will change the world and create unprecedented value by securely connecting the unconnected in ways never thought possible.