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Digital Oil Field

The Digital Oil Field

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Product Optimization

Production Optimization

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Regulatory Risk Reduction

Regulatory Risk Reduction

Energy Management

Energy Management

Royal Dutch Shell enables secure partner access to critical joint-venture information through Covisint

With thousands of globally distributed external partner users, Shell needed a way to manage access to critical applications and information. Leveraging the Covisint Identity Platform, Shell was able to synchronize joint venture partners user identities with their internal Microsoft Active Directory enterprise identity store, enabling real-time identity creation, user provisioning, access revocation and full-audit and reporting capabilities.

The Platform also provides end-users with secure and convenient access with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. The net result is Shell’s ability to establish and decommission joint-venture operations with agility and scale.

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Connecting an industry with global reach

Global Reach

The oil and gas industry is comprised of some of the largest, most complex and distributed enterprises in the world — and so are the systems enabling its connectivity and information access. From upstream to downstream, users need fast access to the enterprise applications and information that drive productivity and collaboration.

Employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, contractors and the various participants need to be granted convenient and secure access to the information applications that drive operations. Conversely, both internal and external administrators need to ensure timely access management. With such large and complex user populations, the oil and gas industry needs IoT and identity solutions that scale without compromise to agility.

Integrate sensing, communications and analytics with one common platform

While the oil and gas industry has taken many strides with bleeding edge data capture technologies such as satellite, geophone and robotics, the next wave will be connecting assets in the field to the people and systems that benefit from remote visibility and analytics. Making field data actionable means that it will need to be routed, transformed and delivered to decision-makers.

The Covisint IoT Platform makes it possible not only to connect and collect from traditional field assets, but also make that data consumable and available to the right users both inside and outside the organization.

Common Platform

Tap into the IoT opportunity, reduce production costs

Today, oil and gas companies spend billions of dollars on the field forces that operate upstream operations. The personnel, operations and risk costs can now be substantially mitigated and reduced with new IoT connectivity solution approaches. Robotics, autonomous vehicles and drones make are making their way into explorations for on-site staffing, remote real-time monitoring and observations, and greatly reduce the risks of investigating hazardous scenarios.

By fully optimizing the IoT solutions available, an oil and gas company with $50 billion in annual revenue could increase its profits by nearly $1 billion, according to Cisco.