Enabling and Monetizing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

Webinar: Enabling and Monetizing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem Covisint and industry experts Dave Miller, Chief Security Officer, and Tim Evavold, Executive Director of Automotive will explore trends, opportunities, and challenges of the connected vehicle ecosystem, and tackle your questions on the road ahead. Below are some key obstacles presenting [...]

Orchestrating Identities Across The Internet of Things

On Demand Webinar: Orchestrating Identities Across The Internet of Things Identity management is more than a singular thing and no longer about one person, system or thing. It is a symphony of interactions between people, systems, things, and devices with separate identities that will require a conductor to orchestrate into [...]

Powering Transportation in Connected Environments

Webinar: Powering Ride Sharing and Multimodal Transportation in Connected Environments Notable changes are occurring in the sustainable transportation model particularly in urban areas – changes that are likely to continue to evolve in the years to come. Where vehicle “ownership” was once a consumer rite of passage, vehicle sharing [...]

Blinded Identity Federation


Webinar: Enhancing privacy by Triple Blinding the Identity Ecosystem Join us for a thought provoking webinar on Blinded Identity Federation. In this webinar, you will learn about the issue of maintaining privacy in identity federations, and how various blinding techniques can reduce the risk and increase user trust in [...]