Lockdown Identity Management

Webinar: Lockdown Identity Management of People, Systems and Things This webinar highlights how to protect, secure and leverage information across your extended business ecosystem of customers and business partners enabling improved services, products and speed to market. You will learn how to: Reduce software cost through cloud IAM Lower risk with [...]

The Internet of Identities

Webinar: The Internet of Identities With the explosion of connected devices forming IoT, there are billions of devices that need a digital identity to manage what information they send and with whom that are related. The number of digital identities is constantly growing, and managing each one directly is bound to [...]

Operationalizing IoT and the Digital Twin

Webinar: Operationalizing IoT and the Digital Twin The value of IoT is created by integrating existing and new business processes with IoT-enabled physical things. The digital twin is simply a virtual model of a process, product or service. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Covisint digital twin capabilities bridge the [...]

Forward-Thinking Fleet Management

Webinar: Forward-Thinking Fleet Mangement The fleet industry today generates $5 billion in annual recurring revenues for application software vendors alone. The estimated size of the market in 2015 was $7.71B and is expected to rise to $34.56B by 2022. But, surprisingly only 10% of the 300M vehicles in the global [...]

Enabling Mobility Services

Webinar: Enabling Mobility Services Demand for alternative transportation continues to grow at a rapid pace. Car share and ride share services are becoming part of everyday life for many consumers. OEMs are jumping on the band wagon to capitalize on shared mobility as a new revenue generating service opportunity. The [...]

No Assembly Required – Building IoT Solutions

Webinar: No Assembly Required - Building IoT Solutions In today’s connected economy, market leaders win with agility and business velocity. The critical role IoT plays in digital transformation is driving the demand for solutions that secure, manage and maintain the digital ecosystem. Enterprises today need a complete solution to secure [...]

Securing the Connected Vehicle

Webinar: Securing the Connected Vehicle Here's what we'll cover: Advancements in connected vehicle technology allow for a great degree of personalization to the driving experience, however, they present security and privacy issues that are of concern for consumers. The automotive industry needs to ensure security of the in-vehicle data, the [...]

The Tangible Benefits of Digital Business Transformation

Webinar: The Tangible Benefits of Digital Business Transformation To harness the true value of IoT requires uniquely identifying things in the physical world and establishing meaningful relationships with other entities across the digital ecosystem. For businesses, this could translate to improving and increasing customer experience and loyalty, as well [...]

Enabling and Monetizing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

Webinar: Enabling and Monetizing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem Covisint and industry experts Dave Miller, Chief Security Officer, and Tim Evavold, Executive Director of Automotive will explore trends, opportunities, and challenges of the connected vehicle ecosystem, and tackle your questions on the road ahead. Below are some key obstacles presenting [...]

Orchestrating Identities Across The Internet of Things

On Demand Webinar: Orchestrating Identities Across The Internet of Things Identity management is more than a singular thing and no longer about one person, system or thing. It is a symphony of interactions between people, systems, things, and devices with separate identities that will require a conductor to orchestrate into [...]

Powering Transportation in Connected Environments

Webinar: Powering Ride Sharing and Multimodal Transportation in Connected Environments Notable changes are occurring in the sustainable transportation model particularly in urban areas – changes that are likely to continue to evolve in the years to come. Where vehicle “ownership” was once a consumer rite of passage, vehicle sharing [...]