Project Description

Andras Cser Interview On IAM Strategy to Support the Internet of Things

Fireside Chat

Covisint had the opportunity to sit down with Andras Cser from Forrester to discuss IAM strategy and how it relates to the world of IoT. During this Covisint Fireside Chat, Andras will cover when the market will shift from seeing “identity as a product” to being treated as “identity as a strategy”, and much more. See the additional topics below:

  • How would you define IAM and the role it plays in business transformation?
  • Why are people confusing security with identity?
  • What are the key capabilities that are critical to supporting identity-based solutions?
  • What are the primary use cases for B2B and Customer IAM?
  • How important is having a core identity strategy established across connecting people, systems and things?

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