Project Description

Webinar: Powering Ride Sharing and Multimodal Transportation in Connected Environments

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Notable changes are occurring in the sustainable transportation model particularly in urban areas – changes that are likely to continue to evolve in the years to come. Where vehicle “ownership” was once a consumer rite of passage, vehicle sharing through ride sharing models, and the use of multimodal transportation (more than one mode of transportation during a journey) has become less a novelty and more a viable choice – particularly in urban areas. Discussed in this session:

  • Fundamental connected vehicle issues that need to be considered when enabling a ride sharing and/or multimodal model, such as interoperability, data governance, security and privacy;
  • How to leverage individual identities within one vehicle and for various modes of transportation;
  • Why interacting with consumers based on context for each mode of transportation will be key for many OEMs.

In this session, Timothy Evavold, Covisint Executive Director Automotive, will discuss the fundamental issues that need to be considered when powering a ride sharing and/or multimodal model in the age of connected vehicles.

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