Identity Intelligence

Identity Manager

Create and manage identities from beginning to end – complete identity lifecycle management from the creation and management of user identities, access and authorization policies and access revocation.



Streamline collaboration and improve productivity across the entire value chain, from business customers to the partners that help grow your business.

Increase Loyalty

Increase loyalty

Increase loyalty and satisfaction among business partners and customers through simple, secure access to enterprise resources.

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost

Reduce the cost of managing identities as your business grows by automating provisioning and delegating administration to external organizations.


Identity creation

As organizations are looking to manage employee, partner and customer users, flexibility in how user identities are created becomes exceedingly important. Covisint supports multiple user registration/provisioning options.

Authorization management

Deliver unmatched functionality for managing access to services and applications. Hierarchical authorization rules with delegation are supported and services can be configured with multi-step approval workflows.

Role management

Enables the definition and management of administrative roles, privileges, and the assignment of roles to users.

Password management

Self-service password resets include end-user challenge questions/answers. Administrative password resets for higher-touch support when appropriate.

Delegated administration

To enable external organizations to manage their own user access to resources, delegated administration offers configurable administrative roles and span of control. User access management can be performed by designated administrators within the partner organization, by administrators in higher-tier organizations, or by application/service owners. This flexible delegated model provides an effective and scalable approach for administering user permissions at scale.

Workflow engine & delegation

User self-service application requests that trigger standard, configurable workflows. For example, once an organization has been granted access to a particular application, users within that organization may request access triggering a notification to their administrator to approve/deny the request. Upon completion, the requesting user is notified of the decision.

Audit & attestation

Constant change in external and employee user status requires precise audit and attestation to ensure proper access reporting at all times. For internal and regulatory compliance, Covisint enables the periodic notification of administrators requiring a review of their assigned users to ensure that each user’s status and access rights are correct. The administrator is presented with the option to disable the user’s account. The administrator’s actions are logged and are visible to super-user administrators to ensure effective oversight.

Profile management

Enables administrator self-service management of profile attributes such as User ID, Company Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone, City, and many more. Attribute tags/labels are translated for multi-lingual UI support.

Identity Manager

Identity Manager

Designed for comprehensive identity and access management across the complex ecosystem of enterprise identities.

Authentication Manager

Authentication Manager

Validate that a user is who they claim to be, and establish trust across domains for single sign on.

Identity Intelligence

Identity Intelligence

Inspect identity, access and endpoint data then convert it to actionable information and insight.

Directory Services

Directory Services

Cloud-based directory and the tools to integrate and synchronize directories.