Profile Management

Ecosystem Management

Secure, enable and manage trusted interactions in complex digital ecosystems.

Rapid Deployment

Ecosystem templates allow for defining characteristics, behaviors, rules and relationships for people, systems and things.



Manage characteristics, rules, behaviors and relationships to perform actions for achieving business value.


Ecosystem Templates

The ecosystem template is an accelerator and governance feature that allows Solution Developers to quickly define how instances of ecosystems operate.

Dynamic Security Context

Dynamically set authorization policies on ecosystem relationships amongst people, systems and things.


Govern how ecosystems are used with rich tools and integrations.

Ecosystem Lifecycles

Manage the lifecycle of ecosystems from the time of discovery to decommission.

Membership Management

Manage memberships of ecosystems across people, systems and things.

Ecosystem Rules

Perform proactive actions on ecosystem events.

Device Management

Creation and management of devices in the ecosystem which includes a registry that makes it possible to instantiate, track and maintain metadata related to a device.


Robust engine that enables real-time decision-making based on events and device lifecycle.

Relationship & Lifecycle Management

Relationship & Lifecycle Management

Relationships between people, systems and things – and the management of their lifecycles.

Profile Management

Ecosystem Management

Secure, enable and manage trusted interactions in complex digital ecosystems.

IoT Messaging

IoT Messaging

Integration of legacy and modern messaging technologies enable rapid go-to-market initiatives.

Unified Data Model

Normalize the data across people, systems and things – no matter the underlying technology.