Sending a Delivery (Basic)

  1. Key in the address of each person you wish to send this delivery, separated by a comma or semi-colon.  (Or, click To and select from addresses if you have already populated the address book).

  2. In the subject field, key in the subject of your file delivery and/or message. This is a required field. This subject line will appear on your Tracking page, on your recipient's Pick up page, and will be stored in your recipient's HyperSend Inbox.

  3. Optionally, key in the text of your message In the message field.

  4. Click Browse and select file you wish to send. The file you have chosen appears in the Files text box and is added to the Send list.

  5. Repeat step 4 to add additional files.   (To remove a file from the list, simply click on the filename in the Send List and then click Delete on your keyboard).

  6. Click Send.  

    By completing your delivery with this button you indicate that the delivery is to be sent without your digital signature. This does not compromise the security of the delivery in any way. (Continue with Advanced Sending Options to digitally sign the delivery)




You have successfully sent a basic delivery.



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