About the Search Audit Entries Screen

For help with the procedure you can perform from this screen, go to Search Audit Entries.


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Search Audit Entries Screen overview

Audit Entries are system-generated messages that are created as users work with Inbox and to record system-initiated events. Examples of events that generate Audit Entries include sending a message, reading a message, and editing a patient.

Use the Inbox Audit Entries Search screen to find and view audit entries.  



Field Descriptions

The following describes the Fields and Menu Options on the Audit Entries Search screen. An asterisk * indicates a required field.




Date *

To search for audit entries by date, select a date filter or specify a date range. To specify a date range:

  1. Enter  the beginning date in the first field, or click the calendar to pick a date.

  2. Enter the ending date in the second field,  or click the calendar to pick a date.

A start date is required to perform an audit entry search. We recommend you use an ending date and limit the search period to 31 days or less to make reviewing the search results more manageable.

Dates must be entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format (e.g., 10/19/2011).

If a date is improperly formatted or out of range, the exclamation point icon displays. Hold your cursor over the icon to view an explanation of the problem.


To search for audit entries by patient name, use the search feature. Click the Search button to open the Patient Search screen.

To clear the Patient field, click its clear field button.


To search for audit entries associated with a user at your facility, click the arrow and select the user from the drop-down list.

Audit Entry

Search terms in this field must exactly match the desired entry, starting at its beginning. For example, to search for entries about messages received, the search term must begin with "mess," "messa," "message," etc. You cannot successfully search on "received" because the entries do not begin with the word "received."

search results

Displays the audit entries search results. To sort the information by column, click the column header

  • A maximum of 200 results are returned per search.

  • Column widths are adjustable.


Menu Bar options


Click (help) on the menu bar to display screen-level help.