We help companies manage complex ecosystems of people, systems and things.

Create solutions that connect your people and systems with the integrated world.

Proven technologies to secure, integrate, and connect.

Delivered as an open, developer-friendly, infrastructure-agnostic PaaS, the Covisint Cloud Platform enables you to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of entities — people, systems and things — securing their access to resources across the enterprise and create solutions that connect them with the integrated world.

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Build identity-centric & IoT solutions faster with a purpose-built PaaS.

Building enterprise-grade solutions for complex, connected ecosystems of people, applications, systems and things, requires intimate knowledge and expertise. Why build applications from scratch by using general purpose PaaS and SaaS point solutions that have to be stitched together manually, and then maintained?

These solutions can be developed using the Covisint Cloud Platform to manage entities and their relationships, the lifecycle of all connected entities, the orchestration of device data streams, and the integration and messaging of device and application data.

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