We help companies manage complex ecosystems of people, systems and things

Create solutions that connect your people and systems with the integrated world.

Ecosystem of People, Systems and Things
Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Drive greater collaboration across your value chain by securely sharing information resources and applications.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Cut development time in half by developing your connected experience and mobile applications in parallel.

Connected Supply Chain

Connected Supply Chain

Drive greater collaboration across your value chain by securely sharing information, resources and applications.

Proven technologies to secure, integrate, and connect

Delivered as an open, developer-friendly, infrastructure-agnostic PaaS, the Covisint Cloud Platform enables you to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of entities — people, systems and things — securing their access to resources across the enterprise and create solutions that connect them with the integrated world.

Build identity-centric & IoT solutions faster with a purpose-built PaaS.

As supply chains become more agile and complex, managing an internal EDI infrastructure increases the likelihood of errors and financial liabilities with operations.

Covisint moves part or all of a company’s EDI operations to a secure, fully-redundant cloud-based global infrastructure to enable an efficient & reliable “electronic supply chain” – with lower cycle times and reduced costs.