The IoT and Identity Platform for Digital
Business Transformation

Securely connecting people, systems and things.

How we help

We help companies securely connect and manage their complex digital business ecosystems.

Connected Products

Digitally transform your business with smart, connected products.

Connected Processes

Deliver asset performance management with smart, connected assets.

Connected People

Securely manage the identities of your business partners and customers.

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Who we help

We help the world’s largest enterprises share trusted information across business ecosystems.

Digital ecosystem management is the difference

Manage the identities of people, systems and things to help enterprises create, secure and manage digital ecosystems.

Unified Identity

Assert that entities are really who/what they claim they are with more connected devices, more business-critical data flowing among them.

Dynamic Permissions & Privacy

Manage complex sets of permissions to govern interactions – how, when, how long, whom – and, manage data privacy.

Proven Scale & Reliability

Support billions of IoT end-points coming online and evolving.


Remain agnostic and support interoperability with several competing IoT protocols.

Data Integrity

Govern how data is shared in a digital ecosystem – and, who is authorized to send or receive certain data streams.

Who we are

Covisint is the connected company – we securely connect ecosystems of people, systems and things to enable new service offerings, optimize operations, develop new business models and ultimately enable the connected economy.


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Technology Headlines Award

Awarded as one of the Top 20 Leading IoT Solution Providers

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