Streamline collaboration across the extended value chain

Engage consumers in a highly personalized way.
Fleet Management

Real-time Fleet Management


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Cargo Integrity Monitoring

Visibility Process

End-to-end Visibility into Delivery Process

Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse

Beverage giant streamlines collaboration by securely connecting complex ecosystem of value chain partners

This 130-year-old beverage company leverages the Covisint Cloud Platform to make it easy for their many business partners and customers to do business with them. By providing simple, secure access to enterprise resources, using Covisint’s advanced Identity and Access Management capabilities, this enterprise increased loyalty and satisfaction across the entire extended value chain.

The Covisint Cloud Platform provides the tools to securely transport sensitive data, integrate systems, deliver personalized content to users and handle the complexity of managing external identities at scale. All external users can now access the enterprise resources that they, from a single point of entry, increasing effectiveness of processes for the enterprise, partners and customers alike.

Beverage Giant

Increase brand affinity by engaging with consumers in a highly personalized way

Gaining the lasting loyalty of consumers has become more challenging than ever, as companies in other industries have created a new standard for engaging with their customers. Consumers are now recognized upon return and treated as unique individuals and leaders in the consumer packaged goods industry must embrace this new strategy to win the affection of today’s consumer.

Take for instance a smart connected soda machine: not only can consumers customize their beverage to their liking at the point of sale, they can create a profile that allows the connected soda machine to recognize them and make suggestions based on past selections. The Covisint Cloud Platform enables you to securely connect to your products while they are in the hands of your customers, making it possible for you to deliver a highly customized experience for consumers in the field.

Connect your entire extended value chain securely — and at scale

To truly harness the power of globalization, you’re going to need a comprehensive view of the entire business – bottlenecks, efficiencies, and alignment with strategy across all functions. But in order to have complete visibility, you’re going to need to share information across legal boundaries and be able to do so securely.

The Covisint Cloud Platform enables you to connect all of the internal systems, employees, machines, external applications and personnel that play an integral role in the success of your operations. It makes it easy to leverage data and turn threats into growth opportunities. The purpose-built cloud platform is highly scalable and allows you to quickly develop with sense-and-react capabilities that allow you to respond in real-time to shifts in mission-critical factors across the entire business ecosystem, such as, changing demand, factory maintenance, or weather patterns.

Stay connected with your products to better understand consumer needs

Consumer Needs

Consumer demands are constantly changing and this increase in pace is of key relevance to gaining competitive advantage in today’s consumer packaged goods industry. Understanding consumers’ needs as they are changing allows you to innovate more quickly to create better products during the course of these shifts.

Connecting your supply chain makes it easier to gain visibility into your network of distribution partners, providing you with critical insights into the demand for your products. These insights help you not only boost operational efficiencies and improve production forecasting, but can even provide information about how consumers are using your products. The Covisint Cloud Platform enables you to connect the entire ecosystem revolving around your products.