Accelerate the pace of innovation

Quickly build, scale and customize secure IoT and identity-centric solutions or applications.

The Covisint IoT Platform

Connecting people, systems and things – across the extended digital business ecosystem
Identity & Access Management

Identity & access management

Enable enterprises to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of their internal and external users, as well as their access to resources across the enterprise.

  • Identity manager
  • Authentication manager
  • Directory services
  • Identity intelligence
Internet of Things

Internet of things

Register and manage physical things and create solutions that connect your people and systems with the integrated world. The Covisint IoT Platform provides everything you need to monitor the health of products and equipment, create secure interactions and integrations, and manage the identity lifecycle of connected things.

  • Profile management
  • Relationship & lifecycle management
  • IoT messaging
Messaging & Orchestration

Messaging & orchestration

Enable rapid, secure and flexible integration of data eliminating the cost and complexity of changing document types, data formats, protocols. Create and syndicate integrations or build composite applications for machine-to-machine or application-to application scenarios with built-in identity and access control.

  • Routing and orchestration
  • Transformation
  • Integration
  • Syndication
Portal & Collaboration

Portal & collaboration

Drive meaningful interaction and collaboration between people and assets and deliver information to the right people, in the right context, on any device in a secure, compliant, and fully auditable way with built-in identity and access management.

  • Mobility
  • Content management
  • Presentation
  • Personalization

APIs and developer resources

Accelerate custom development.

  • Developer community
  • Solution center
  • Software development toolkits (SDK)
  • UI frameworks

Purpose built PaaS

Reliability, massive scalability, and operational agility.

  • Modern cloud architecture
  • Microservices exposed via RESTful APIs
  • Elastic infrastructure
  • Proactive operational monitoring

The Covisint IoT Platform

Our Cloud Platform is built to accelerate the pace of innovation. The Platform empowers customers and partners to build solutions, applications and services faster and more cost effectively without compromising on performance.

The Covisint IoT Platform

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