Purpose-built PaaS for Reliability, Massive Scalability, and Operational Agility

Accelerate the pace of innovation, with security in mind – making it easy to quickly build and customize IoT and identity-centric solutions or applications according to specific needs.

Modern Cloud Architecture

Internet scalability via Microservices

Microservices Exposed via RESTful API’s

Developer-ready, UI-independent API gateway

Elastic Infrastructure

Built on Cloud Foundry to dynamically scale, ingest data rapidly, upgrade with no downtime and run on any IaaS

Proactive Operational Monitoring

Incident management and response with 24×7 NOC

Beverage Giant Streamlines Collaboration to Make It Easy for Their Complex Ecosystem Of Value Chain Partners To Do Business With Them

Doing business with this enterprise was a challenge for their many bottlers, distributors, suppliers and business customers. Undue burden was placed on users that had to interface with many different systems in order to access mission critical enterprise resources. This organization needed to streamline access to these tools in order to maintain existing relationships as well as invest in a solution that would allow them to grow their value chain by 350% in the next couple of years.

The Covisint Cloud Platform enables this enterprise to increase loyalty and satisfaction among business partners and customers through simple, secure access to enterprise resources. This developer-friendly platform also makes it easy for this company to rapidly build new solutions in the future, to better serve their customers and partners at scale, in a connected world.

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The Digital Identities You Do Business with Are Valuable Assets

Our world now requires a majority of business to happen digitally. For your business to be effective you need to manage and control the identities your business interacts with – including people and things.

Whether it is creating identities, authenticating them, or governing the complex rules required by your business Covisint has you covered.

Our powerful IAM capabilities and fully-featured set of API’s are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of enterprises and their growing network of external users.

Cloud Platform for Identity and IoT

Our Platform

Identity Services

Accelerate Secure, Scalable Connected Solutions
Enable enterprises to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of their internal and external users, as well as their access to resources across the enterprise.

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IoT Services

Manage Device Registrations, Billing, Metering and OTA Services
Register and manage physical things and create solutions that connect your people and systems with the integrated world. The Covisint Cloud Platform provides everything you need to monitor the health of products and equipment, create secure interactions and integrations, and manage the identity lifecycle of connected things.

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Messaging & Orchestration Services

Seamlessly Integrate Enterprise Data
Enable rapid, secure and flexible integration of data eliminating the cost and complexity of changing document types, data formats, protocols. Create and syndicate integrations or build composite applications for machine-to-machine or application-to application scenarios with built-in identity and access control.

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Portal Services

Deliver a Consistent and Personalized User Experience
Drive meaningful interaction and collaboration between people and assets and deliver information to the right people, in the right context, on any device in a secure, compliant, and fully auditable way with built-in identity and access management.

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APIs and Developer Resources

Accelerate Custom Development
Framework and development environment to learn, build, deploy and monitor enterprise-grade applications rapidly using a dedicated portal, identity realm and ID to access APIs and services.

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