Digital business transformation begins with securely managing identities

The ecosystems of people, customers and business partners you do business with.


Manage and govern access for large networks of external B2B users to critical internal and external resources.

B2B Exchanges

Secure and manage the identities of people and access – across multiple enterprises – to resources across an entire industry.


Provide secure access – at scale – for business customers and consumers to drive enhanced engagement, intimacy and loyalty.

Identity Governance & Administration

Aggregate, correlate and synchronize identity data across the extended enterprise to provide visibility into and control over access to protected resources.

Identity and access management – to support
the Internet of Things

Covisint had the opportunity to sit down with Andras Cser from Forrester to discuss Identity and Access Management strategy and how it relates to the world of IoT. During this Covisint Fireside Chat, Andras will cover when the market will shift from seeing “identity as a product” being treated as “identity as a strategy” – and much more.

B2B:  Protect your enterprise by securing all of your identities

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is, at its core, the responsibility of the IT department. Paramount is the department’s ability to manage the identities their business interacts with – including people, partners, systems and things. But the business side of the enterprise now has a vested interest in identity management, as well. Many business users rely on their digital identity to do their jobs. If things don’t work or they don’t have the correct access they can’t get their job done.

The number of digital identities is only going to grow – and enterprises must be able to keep up with this growth for their businesses to continue to grow. How do you manage all the external identities that touch your enterprise? Give users access to the resources they need to drive your success? Ensure all interactions are secure, authorized and compliant?

The Covisint Platform offers a robust set of identity capabilities that provide solutions for customer problems of varying levels of complexity. We have been providing cloud-based identity solutions for over 15-years and have the track record of successful solutions to prove it. The Covisint Platform enables enterprises to centrally manage the entire identity lifecycle of their internal and external users, as well as their access to critical resources across the enterprise.

B2B Exchanges:  Reduce risk and cost while improving collaboration across the value chain ecosystem

Covisint realizes that sharing B2B information securely and reliably across increasingly complex technology systems and platforms can be difficult and expensive – not to mention the volume of identities to manage across enterprises. Covisint enables global enterprises to securely share information across the largest B2B marketplace in the world.

The Covisint B2B Automotive Exchange currently provides global access to information and applications for more than 615,000 supplier users across 100,000 supplier organizations connected to select global automotive OEMs. The B2B Automotive Exchange provides global OEMs with the following:

  • Extends the OEMs enterprise to manage external supplier users with single sign-on to critical resources based on user types.
  • Provides delegated administration both for security and access, as well as for content management and collaboration resources.
  • Helps to manage, automate and govern the complex network of people, systems, and devices that need access to resources.
  • Allows authenticated and unauthenticated content to be personalized and presented to users based upon attributes such as location, division and role.
  • Anytime, anywhere 24×7 support with industry-leading service level agreements and availability.

B2C:  Provide a true omnichannel customer experience with a single, secure digital identity

The challenge is to create a consistently excellent experience across your entire customer base—and one that allows them to control how, when and where they engage. And, that’s a lot harder than it sounds. How do you make sure you’re presenting the right information to the right customers? And, if you’re dealing with sensitive data or sophisticated content, how do you resolve the age-old tension between being open and convenient and being secure and reliable?

The Covisint Identity Platform provides the toolset and single-entry point for all of your customers – both business customers and consumers – to connect with your enterprise that ensures trusted information gets to the right person, the right place and at the right time. What’s more, our Platform provides the flexibility to present and receive the trusted information in whatever form, format or device they choose – providing an innovative experience that will keep them coming back.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
– delivered as a cloud platform

The Covisint Identity Platform addresses many common business challenges with Identity Governance & Administration. Whether it’s a lack of visibility into who has access to what resources across your organization, or if you have the inability to provide certification, audit and attestation for internal and external users – Covisint can help.

Those common business challenges translate into specific needs that the Covisint Identity Platform is designed to address. You’ll be able to provide visibility into, and control over, who has access to what resources across your distributed IT landscape – ensuring that information resources are changed only in a specified and authorized manner.

The Covisint Platform – Identity Components

Identity Manager

Identity Manager

Designed for comprehensive identity lifecycle and access management across the complex ecosystem of enterprise identities.

Authentication Manager

Authorization Manager

Establish access and authorization administration, delegation and policy management framework.

Identity Intelligence

Identity Sync, Analysis & Intelligence

Aggregate, synchronize, inspect and analyze identity, access and end-point data – then convert it to actionable information and insight.

Directory Services

Identity Event Streaming Engine

Cloud-based directory and the tools to integrate and synchronize directories and identity-related data.

Royal Dutch Shell enables secure partner access to critical joint-venture information through Covisint

With thousands of globally distributed external partner users, Shell needed a way to manage access to critical applications and information. Leveraging the Covisint Identity Platform, Shell was able to synchronize joint venture partners user identities with their internal Microsoft Active Directory enterprise identity store, enabling real-time identity creation, user provisioning, access revocation and full-audit and reporting capabilities.

The Platform also provides end-users with secure and convenient access with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. The net result is Shell’s ability to establish and decommission joint-venture operations with agility and scale.

IAM Solution Brief

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